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Semi Solid Dosages: Manufacturing and Quality Evaluation

This eLearning module covers the properties and manufacturing methods of high quality semi solid dosage forms through structured development and a process design approach.

  • Review of typical semi-solid dosage forms, their composition and desired properties

  • Choice of API, ointment and different excipients including, anti-oxidants, humectants, preservatives, gelling agents, fragrances etc.

  • Review of different methods of mixing used in formulations. For example, trituration, fusion, chemical reaction and emulsification methods

  • Automated manufacturing plant and its components and their use in semi solid dosage formulations

  • Semiautomated manufacturing plants with different mixers, homogenizers, agitators etc.

  • Tube filling equipment and critical steps during tube filling process

  • Critical process parameters and critical quality attributes during manufacturing and tube filling

Why it matters

Topical medication including topical steroids\, NSAID\, lubricants and moisturizers constitutes around 20% of all repeat prescriptions. Conducting product development of semi solid dosage forms using the quality-by-design (QbD) approach ensures a robust dosage form\, that can achieve the therapeutic objectives and quality attributes\, while remaining stable over its entire shelf life.

Who is it for

This course is designed for all personnel involved in manufacturing and analysis of tropical drug formulations

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