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Process Filtration in the API Industry.

Filtration is the process through which the active ingredients are separated from byproducts after a chemical reaction. This e-module explains the “what”, “why”, and “how” of process filtration in API manufacturing

  • Basics of filtration

  • Why is filtration important in API manufacturing

  • Different types including vacuum, pressure and centrifuge filtration and their working

  • Typical filtration equipment in the API industry

  • Technical and schematic videos from manufacturers demonstrating functioning of these instruments

Why it matters

There are several different techniques that can be employed for filtration. Knowing what to use\, and when to use is critical to ensure efficiency and suitability of the filtration process\, leading to efficient and high-quality API manufacturing.

Who is it for

This is essential learning for all employees in production\, quality assurance\, and analytical support teams involved in API manufacturing and maintenance of filtration equipment

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