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Pharmaceutical Applications of the Distillation Process

This eLearning module covers the distillation process in API manufacturing - fundamental theory to applications to its applications.

  • Distillation principles

  • Evaporation, boiling, distillation and reflux

  • Raoult’s law and its application

  • Batch and continuous distillation

  • Distillation equipment: components and design consideration

  • Distillation equipment – key parts and function

  • Solvent recovery

  • Operational aspects of distillation: Key parameters, safety consideration and troubleshooting

  • Course evaluation

Why it matters

Distillation plays an important role in the pharmaceutical industry where single stage batch distillations are frequently utilized. Distillations are run for a variety of objectives: separation\, solvent swap\, drying from water\, purification from volatile or non-volatile impurities and crystallization. Understanding distillation and de-risking this operation during development and commercial scaling is critical in API manufacturing

Who is it for

This module is relevant to all employees involved in API production\, development of API processes and those in quality assurance functions.

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