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Personal Hygiene in GMP Environments

This eLearning module reviews hygiene and sanitation at the workplace including personnel, premises, equipment, apparatus, processes, and raw materials. It investigates all sources of contamination of the final product, with a primary focus on personal hygiene.

  • Introduction to personal hygiene and its importance in drug manufacturing

  • Regulatory expectations and importance of instructions

  • Typical sources of contamination

  • Importance of maintaining cleanliness of body, hair, nails, and clothes.

  • When and how to wash hands

  • Annual health check up and expected behavior when sick

  • Overview of good design of premises and toilets

  • Animation: Demonstrating the story of “Typhoid Mary” and the risk of contamination spread

  • Animation: Requirement of good health at workplace

Why it matters

Contaminated drug products due to unhygienic workplace conditions can lead to regulatory warning letters and failed inspections. it can also impact patient health and lead to reputation loss for the organization through product recall. An integrated comprehensive program of sanitation and hygiene ensures that all potential sources of contamination at the workplace are eliminated.

Who is it for

Training on personal hygiene procedures including wearing protective clothing apply to everyone entering production areas including employees\, contractors\, auditors and visitors

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