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Overview and Classification of Topical Dosage Forms

This eLearning module is designed to explain what topical medication is, and why topical dosage forms are preferred. The module also categorizes different dosage forms based on their physical properties, and formulation bases.

  • Different drug delivery modes

  • Topical drug delivery and its importance

  • Categorization of topical drug dosage forms

    • Solids

    • Liquids

    • Semi solids

  • Understanding ointment bases

  • Factors that impact drug absorption on skin

  • Properties of a good topical drug

  • Regulations related to topical drugs

Why it matters

Topical medication constitute around 20% of all repeat prescriptions. It typically includes topical steroids\, NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)\, lubricants\, and moisturizers. Topical dosage forms are a primary mode of drug delivery via skin\, the largest organ of our body. Therefore\, it is important to know about their suitability and regulations governing their manufacture

Who is it for

This course is designed as a basic training for all personnel involved in manufacturing and analysis of all topical drug formulations

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