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Intellectual Property: What is IP, and how to protect it

This module is designed as an introduction to Intellectual Property (IP) in the pharmaceutical industry. It delves into the various types of IP, means of protection and how to design company policies around Intellectual Property.

  • Intellectual Property in the Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Ways to protect IP including patents, trademarks, copyrights, geographic indication etc.

  • New branded drugs and generic drugs and their approval

  • IP around innovator and generic products (NDA and ANDA)

  • IP ownership and IP disclosure

  • Communication tips when talking about confidential information

Why it matters

For a modern pharmaceutical company\, IP is of critical importance. Monetizing IP allows the company to recoup the large investments made in R&D and regulatory approval. It rewards invention and allows investment in new technologies. The competition between companies to develop and own a high-quality IP portfolio lead to new drugs in the market. These advantages are lost if a company cannot safeguard its Intellectual Property from competitors\, or malign actors.

Who is it for

This module is relevant to all employees in the pharmaceutical industry\, especially those in legal and management..

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