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Halogen Moisture Analysis (HMA) and its Applications

This module covers the principles and basics of moisture determination using Halogen Moisture Analyzer. It provides a visual guide to the components and operation of an analyzer.

  • Presence of water and moisture in products and the importance of determination of its contents

  • Typical moisture determination methods such as gravimetric, chemical, spectroscopic, etc.

  • Comparison of different thermogravimetric methods and choice of halogen drying over others

  • Priniciple of halogen moisture analyzer

  • USP and other regulatory requirements

  • Calibration and performance verification

  • Components and operation of an HMA

  • General Do’s and Don’ts while handing an HMA

Why it matters

Presence of moisture results in microbial growth in pharmaceutical products\, plastics\, and food items. Moisture can affect their shelf life and usability. Water content can also impact the taste\, behavior\, and appearance of the final product. There are statutory rules that govern the maximum permissible moisture content in products (e.g. drug and food regulations). Having a thorough understanding of moisture determination techniques is crucial for QC analysts.

Who is it for

All employees in analytical quality teams including quality control and quality assurance\, who are involved in performing and reviewing moisture analysis results.

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