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Gas chromatography and its Applications

This eLearning module is an introduction to gas chromatography. It delves into identification and separation techniques based on component volatility and polarity.

  • Basics of gas chromatography

  • Applications of gas chromatography

  • Components of a gas chromatograph including

    • Detectors such as FID, ECD, and TCD.

    • Types of columns such as capillary and packed columns

    • Split and splitless injection modes

  • Precautions during sample preparation, column handling, and management of glassware.

  • A graded assessment and interim questionnaire after each section

Why it matters

It is critical that an operator understands the underlying principles behind analytical instruments such as Gas Chromatographs. An untrained worker can damage the instrument or make mistakes leading to erroneous results. Understanding the working of Gas Chromatograph and the various precautions required while operating it\, minimizes repeat experiments\, out-of-specification events\, costs\, and analysis time

Who is it for

This module is relevant to all employees in quality control\, quality assurance\, and manufacturing who work on sample preparation\, analysis\, and review or approval of gas chromatography data for product quality evaluation

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