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Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy and its Applications

This eLearning module is a comprehensive review of IR spectroscopy - used for identification of molecules by utilizing their vibrational properties.

  • Spectroscopy and electromagnetic spectrum

  • Infrared spectral regions and the introduction to infrared rays

  • Principle of IR spectroscopy and a typical IR spectrum

  • Molecular vibrations with examples of spectral analysis of a couple of molecules

  • FT-IR spectrophotometer and how it is different from dispersion spectrometer

  • IR detectors and interferometer

  • Potassium Bromide (KBr) pellet method for sample preparation and analysis

  • Solid vs Liquid sample preparation

  • Recording IR spectrum using ATR accessory

  • Critical parameters to control when performing FT-IR spectroscopy

Why it matters

The IR spectrum\, based on transmittance serves as a fingerprint of a molecule. No two organic compounds have the same infrared spectrum\, IR spectrum provides the most conclusive evidence of the identity of the substance. Understanding the science behind of FT-IR It is crucial for analysts for operating a sprectrometer and interpreting the results correctly.

Who is it for

All employees in analytical quality teams including quality control and quality assurance\, who are involved in performing and reviewing this method

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