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Drying of pharmaceuticals: Theory and Practice

This module gives an overview of the fundamental principles of drying as well as terms commonly used in drying processes. It also explores novel drying technologies.

  • Principle of drying

  • Understanding drying equilibrium, critical moisture content and sublimation

  • Classification of dryers – convective, conductive and radiant

  • Widely used drying techniques

  • Direct heat dryers: Tray dryers, spray dyers & fluidized bed dryers

  • Indirectly heated dryers: Drum, double cone, conical and freeze dryers

  • Emerging technologies in drying

  • Selection of dryers

Why it matters

Pharmaceutical processes use a wide variety of dryers. Drying is an important operation in the production of consistent\, stable\, free-flowing materials for formulation\, packaging\, storage and transport. The drying process is part of most API manufacturing set-ups as well as in formulations of oral solid dosage products. Proper understanding of drying operation is of prime importance to ensure process efficiency and product quality.

Who is it for

This module is relevant to all employees involved in API production\, development of API processes and those in quality assurance functions.

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