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Design, Qualification and Operation of HVAC Systems in Pharma

This eLearning module discusses the need for HVAC systems in pharmaceutical plants, and its role in ensuring optimum conditions for product and personnel safety through temperature, dust and contamination control.

  • Requirement of an HVAC system for personnel comfort and product quality in a pharmaceutical setting

  • Environmental conditions for pharmaceutical facilities

  • Descriptions of HVAC System and its various components and their functioning

  • HVAC for cleanrooms

  • Installation, testing & commissioning

  • Cleanroom maintenance procedures

  • Compliance with GMP and other regulatory requirements

Why it matters

HVAC Systems are provided to maintain optimal conditions of temperature\, relative humidity and air quality as per ASHRAE standards. Therefore\, understanding of design\, installation and operation of HVAC and its components is critical to prevent contamination and degradation of product. HVAC system is essential to ensure comfortable conditions for personnel\, with controlled impact on environment.

Who is it for

This module is relevant to all employees in project management & engineering\, especially manufacturing teams involved in HVAC system control

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