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Covid-19 Preparedness: Getting Back to Work

This eLearning module incorporates many short videos to educate employees on physical distancing, temperature checks, hygiene, and company policies, as they return to work after COVID associated lockdowns.

  • Fitness acknowledgment at entry

  • Routine temperature monitoring

  • Arogya Setu smartphone app

  • Face mask and its importance

  • Rules when commuting on a two-wheeler, car, or a company vehicle/bus

  • Physical distancing while at work

  • Other general precautions related to elevator use, gatherings, hand washing and personal hygiene habits.

  • Cartoon animations indicating the importance of following these practices

Why it matters

Coronavirus and associated lockdowns have caused massive disruptions in pharmaceutical and biotech organizations. While an organization’s primary responsibility is to safeguard the health of their employees\, they are also being pressured to maintain an uninterrupted supply of drug products. This module will aid the organization is safely welcoming back their employees during the pandemic.

Who is it for

This module is relevant to all employees who are getting back to the workplace during Covid related regulations.

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