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Cleanroom Design and Control of Contamination

Cleanrooms are important parts of facilities that make sensitive products like pharmaceuticals, and semi conductors. This eLearning module explores how personnel and other sources of contamination impacts the final product. , and how to behave appropriately in a clean room to maintain sterile environment

  • Aspects of contamination, cross contamination and mix-ups that can impact product quality and patient health

  • Different types of contaminants

  • Sources of contamination

  • Control of contamination by defining suitable processes and personnel control

  • Cleanrooms, air flow principles, and cleanroom behavior

  • Change rooms and airlocks

  • Types of gowning and usage in the appropriate cleanroom grade.

  • Hygiene practices, wet and dry cleaning, and general sterility assurance

Why it matters

Contaminants (or undesired impurities) can enter the product or process at different stages of manufacturing such as receipt\, production\, packaging\, storage and transportation. Microbial contamination in drug products can pose serious danger to patient health and can reduce therapeutic effectiveness. Control measures can minimize the risk of microbiological\, particulate and pyrogen contamination.

Who is it for

Employees involved in the handling of drug product and drug substance in clean rooms\, process design\, microbial quality control\, environmental monitoring\, engineering and validation of clean rooms should complete this module.

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