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An Interactive Guide to Good Laboratory Practice

This eLearning module reviews basics of GLP, and provides a historical background on how and why Good Laboratory Practices were introduced, and documented.

  • Regulations around GLP, GCP and GMP

  • Historical evolution of GLP guidelines

  • Role and responsibilities of the sponsor, test facility management, quality assurance team, and other personnel involved in a test study

  • GLP in facility management, and for apparatus, material and reagents

  • Management of a test study

  • Reporting the results from a test study

  • Storage & retention of records

Why it matters

GLP applies to all non-clinical health and environmental safety studies conducted for the purpose of registering or licensing of pharmaceuticals\, cosmetics\, food additives\, veterinary drug products and other similar chemicals. GLP ensures that the data submitted is a true reflection of the results obtained in the lab. It also ensures traceability\, reliability\, validity\, and quality of the test data\, thereby aiding non-clinical health and environment safety

Who is it for

All employees at pharmaceutical companies or Contract Research Organizations (CRO) involved in planning\, conducting\, reviewing and approving experiments for assurance of data quality should take this module.

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