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A Practical Guide to pH Measurement and Controls

This eLearning module explores pH and why measuring it accurately is essential during drug manufacturing, The module also provides an overview of the proper controls and procedures to use a pH meter and associated probes,

  • What is a buffer and what is pH

  • Why is control of pH essential and how is it measured

  • Different components of the pH meter

  • Different steps in measurement of pH including calibration of the pH meter, intermediate rinsing, and taking the final measurements.

  • Electrodes, probes, and precautions to be taken while handling them.

Why it matters

Maintaining pH is critical in ensuring process efficiency and product quality in the pharmaceutical industry. pH impacts the composition of the final drug product and influences the entire manufacturing process. This includes cell growth\, purification of proteins and DNA\, testing and analysis of intermediates\, active manufacturing ingredients\, as well as final drug product. Stability and efficacy of the drugs are also dependent on the pH of the final composition

Who is it for

Employees in areas of analytical quality control\, quality assurance\, and manufacturing of drug products\, and drug substance including those responsible for preparation of buffer solutions and other media should complete this module.

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