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Water for Pharmaceutical Purposes: Generation and Quality Control
  • Water for Pharmaceutical Purposes: Generation and Quality Control

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    This comprehensive eLearning module covers the fundamentals of pharmaceutical water systems designs, water quality testing and system validation processes, including Water for Injection (WFI).



    • Impurities in water
    • Different grades of pharmaceutical water
    • Pretreatment and Purification Processes
    • Generation of Purified water
    • Distribution systems – design & configuration
    • Biofilms fundamentals
    • Biofilm control and water system design
    • Sanitization of water systems
    • Quality and specification of water types as per USP/EP & IP
    • Qualification of water generation and distribution systems
    • Who is it for

      This is essential learning for employees involved in clean utility management, quality control and assurance, new employees, and all personnel in management who want to gain a fundamental understanding of pharmaceutical water systems .

    • Why it matters

      Pharmaceutical Water is perhaps, the most important of all pharmaceutical utilities. It is used as an excipient in pharmaceutical formulations, as a cleaning agent, and as a separately packaged product diluent. Understanding the basics of purification, application of various grades of water and critical aspects of water quality is essential for pharmaceutical industry professionals.

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