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Sample Management in QC Laboratories

Sample Management in QC Laboratories

This eLearning module is to understand the importance of sample management in a laboratory ​

  • Steps required for sampling, receipt, and verification​

  • Procedure and instructions for storage & transportation, and management of forward processing samples​

  • Procedure for Observation Data Sheet issuance, and analysis followed by review and reporting​

  • Typical sample management failures​

  • Auditor-Auditee interaction scenarios​

  • Why it matters

    • The quality of results from any laboratory is based on the quality of the samples they use for testing​

    • Reputation of any testing laboratory is dependent on the quality of results. Proper management of samples is critical to the accuracy and reliability of such testing​

    • Good sample management is also essential to maintain compliance. Any error or not following of procedures can lead to observations by auditors​

    • Biologics in particular are sensitive to temperature, agitation, and other handling procedures. If sample deteriorates, another sample request and testing will be needed, leading to duplication of efforts, loss of time, as well as increasing the cost of testing​

    • Understand the procedure for receipt, sampling, verification, storage, analysis and disposal of samples​

    • Understand the importance of correct documentation and review of analyzed data and its reporting​

  • Who is it for​ ​

    This module is relevant to all employees in quality control, quality assurance, and production who are responsible for sample management including generation, analysis, reviewing and reporting of sample data​

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