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Refractive Index and its Applications

Refractive Index and its Applications

This module is an introduction to the concepts of refraction, refractive index and its application in determining the purity of substances.​


  • Refraction and Snell’s law of refraction​

  • Refractive Index​

  • Determination of sample purity using refractive index analysis​

  • Impact of temperature on refractive index​

  • Types of refractometers including Manual abbe refractometer and automated refractometer​

  • Calibration and operation of an automated refractometer​

  • Advantages of using an automated refractometer​

  • Typical do’s an don’ts when handling a refractometer for purity analysis​

  • Why it matters

    Each pure sample has a constant, and unique refractive index that can be determined with great accuracy. Therefore, refractive index is frequently used as an identification tool to determine the purity of samples. Understanding the science of refraction can enable analysts to perform QC experiments correctly and get to the root cause of any errors.​

  • Who is it for​ ​

    Personnel in production, analytical quality, including quality control and quality assurance who use this technique  should complete this module.​

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