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Principles on Good Laboratory Practice : OECD 1

Principles on Good Laboratory Practice : OECD 1

This  eLearning  module is to understand, the importance of good laboratory practice (GLP) in pharmaceutical/biotech industry, in the areas of non-clinical health and environment safety​


  • Role and responsibilities of the sponsor, test facility management, quality assurance team, and other personnel involved in a test study​

  • Basic principles of GLP as per OECD (Organization for economic co-operation and  development) and USFDA ​

  • Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)– the requirement​

  • Objectives and concepts of GLP​

  • Test system​

  • Test and Reference Items​

  • Conducting a study as per GLP ​

  • Conduct of the Study ​

  • Why it matters

    GLP applies to all non-clinical health and environmental safety studies conducted for the purpose of registering or licensing of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food additives, veterinary drug products and other similar chemicals. GLP ensures that the data submitted is a true reflection of the results obtained in the lab. It also ensures traceability, reliability, validity, and quality of the test data, thereby aiding non-clinical health and environment safety.​

  • Who is it for​ ​

    This module is designed for all personnel involved in GLP test facility including  those who support GLP activities.​

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