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Online Security Fundamentals [ IT 1]

Online Security Fundamentals [ IT 1]

How do you keep your home safe? At the minimum, most people lock the doors when they leave. Others install motion-sensitive lights or security cameras. Some invest in alarm systems to protect against threats. 


But safeguards aren't just for physical spaces. We store highly sensitive data online. Exposure of that data has a far-reaching impact, with consequences more devastating than losing valuables to a thief.


In this short course, you’ll learn strategies to protect yourself online and get tips to block incoming threats. Finally, you’ll review how to act fast to minimize damage if a security breach occurs. 


  • What Is Cybersecurity?
  • Best Practices for Secure Internet Browsing
  • Tips for Public Wi-Fi Security
  • Safe Use of Social Media
  • Dealing With a Security Incident
  • Check Your Understanding
  • Summary & Feedback
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