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National Ethical Guidelines for Clinical Trials (ICMR)

National Ethical Guidelines for Clinical Trials (ICMR)

This module discusses on National Ethical Guidelines, for Biomedical and Health Research, Involving Human Participants. The revised ICMR ethical guidelines are applicable to all biomedical, social and behavioral science research for health, conducted in India, involving human participants, their biological material and data​


  • Statement of General Principles ​

  • General Ethical Issues​

  • Responsible Conduct of Research​

  • Ethical Review Procedures​

  • Informed Consent Process (ICD)​

  • Clinical Trials of Drugs and Other Interventions​

  • Vulnerability​

  • Research During Humanitarian Emergencies and Disasters​

  • Public Health Research​

  • Social and Behavioral Sciences Research for Health​

  • Human Genetics Testing and Research​

  • Biological Materials, Biobanking and Datasets​

  • Why it matters

    Medical profession is probably the oldest one, to prescribe ethical guidelines. Rapid advances in the whole field of biomedical sciences, have added new responsibilities, and complex dilemmas for medical persons, both practitioner, and researchers. To explain the ethics of research involving human beings and highlight the essentiality of obtaining voluntary consent. To understand the newer emerging ethical issues, keeping in view, the social, cultural, economic, legal, and religious aspects of our country​

  • Who is it for​ ​

    This module is relevant to all the employees ​

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