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Ion Chromatography and its applications

Ion Chromatography and its applications

This eLearning module covers the basics of Ion Chromatography, Advantages and its Applications​


  • Chromatography, basics of Ion chromatography and its different types​

  • Advantages and applications of IC​

  • Components of an IC systems​

  • Basic steps involved when performing ion chromatography​

  • Factors affecting column performance and retention time​

  • Precautions and maintenance including typical do’s and don’ts​

  • Graded assessment​

  • Why it matters

    In pharmaceutical industry, drug quality and safety, is ensured by maintaining high standards of all ingredients. ​

    Ion chromatography is typically the method of choice, that helps determine the amount of active ingredients, excipients, metabolites, and trace level of impurities, when manufacturing these drugs.​


    Understand the steps to be taken for operating and maintenance of an IC system​

  • Who is it for​ ​

    his module is relevant to analyst and supervisor of quality and manufacturing team ​

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