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Introduction to Chemical Reaction Engineering​

Introduction to Chemical Reaction Engineering​

This  eLearning module reviews fundamentals of chemical reaction, types of reactions and reactors and safety & operational aspects.​


  • Basic principles of reaction engineering​

  • Types of reactions​

  • Fundamentals of a chemical reaction including its thermodynamics and kinetics ​

  • Activation energy, Gibbs free energy, and Enthalpy with their relevance in different types of reactions ​

  • Role of catalysts in a reaction​

  • Reactors including batch and continuous, their different examples, and advantages​

  • Safety and operational aspects including basic troubleshooting tips​

  • Why it matters

    Understanding the basic theory of chemical reaction engineering which is useful for proper design and functioning of industrial reactors and their different types to ensure the  appropriate choice based on the process requirements, Operational and maintenance aspects for proper functioning and upkeep of the reactors​

  • Who is it for​ ​

    This course is designed for all personnel involved in Engg, QA, QC and Production ​

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