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How to perform Equipment Calibration

How to perform Equipment Calibration

This elearning module explains setup, execution and management of calibration of instruments providing the assurance that the instruments consistently produce reliable measurements across site and is applicable to calibration of all monitoring, measuring, recording and controlling instruments​


  • Introduction to instrument calibration​

  • GMP and calibration process​

  • Identification of instruments and coding​

  • Understanding calibration methods​

  • Calibration  planning and execution​

  • Managing calibration failures​

  • Common gaps in compliance​

  • Who is it for​

    This module is relevant to all the employees in the engineering and manufacturing department​

  • Why it matters

    Calibration of measurement equipment is highly important because it ensures the reliability of the device​

    calibration checks and verifies the accuracy of the measuring device.​

    calibration also creates traceability of the measurements to ensure they are consistent with other measurements.​

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