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Hazardous Energies and Lock Out Tag Out Procedures (LOTO)

Hazardous Energies and Lock Out Tag Out Procedures (LOTO)

This  eLearning module is to understand the basics of LOTO procedure and the impact of hazardous energies​

  • Definition and information on LOTO incidents​

  • Hazardous energies and ways to isolate them​

  • Types of LOTO devices​

  • Operation and Management of LOTO procedures​

  • 6 step approach to implementing LOTO​

  • Graded assessment​

  • Why it matters

    Lock out Tag out, is the means to control hazardous energy release, during machine and equipment installation, servicing, maintenance, or other similar activities,  using appropriate lockout or tagout devices; LOTO applies, whenever the employee performs service or Maintenance on equipment, or  machinery that requires the employee to remove or bypass a guard or safety device,  or requires the employee to place any part of his or her body, at the point of operation of the equipment. So it is important to Understand the steps to be taken for mitigating risks and following proper procedures to ensure safety.​

  • Who is it for​ ​

    his course is designed for new members of engineering and production and quality who are involved in handling of energized equipment​

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