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Project Management: Scheduling

Project Management: Scheduling

Have you ever had a project get out of hand? With different people, tasks, and resources to manage, you might have felt stuck focusing on what was right in front of you. You might even have wondered if so, many moving parts could be juggled at all.


Scheduling out your project is one way to prevent a project from going off the rails—helping you organize tasks, clarify expectations, and alleviate stress. In this course, you’ll learn scheduling basics and discover how to develop an effective project schedule. You’ll also explore specific techniques and strategies you can use to improve your scheduling skills.

  • What's inside


    • What Is a Project Schedule?


    • Project Scheduling Techniques
    • Defining Deliverables and Activities
    • How to Estimate Time Accurately
    • 4 Types of Task Dependencies


    • Summary and Feedback

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