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Getting Started with Project Management [PM 1]

Getting Started with Project Management [PM 1]

No matter what field you work in, project management plays a significant role. From engineering and construction to software development and marketing, new projects demand effective project management. Project management is essential to virtually every field—and it requires expert organizational, relationship-building, and strategic-thinking skills.


In this course, you’ll explore the fundamentals of project management, including what a project manager does, what skills are necessary for the role, and how to optimize a team’s potential. You’ll also learn how to develop plans for a successful project and what you should do once the project is complete. By the end of the course, you’ll understand how to get started with project management.

  • What's inside


    • What Is Project Management?


    • The Role of a Project Manager

    • Strategies for Increasing Team Effectiveness



    • The Four Phases of Project Management
    • Defining Project Requirements
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