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General Microbiology Techniques

General Microbiology Techniques

This elearning module will provide you with a step by step procedure for different aseptic techniques, that are utilized in a quality control laboratory​


  • Use of disposable inoculation loop ​

  • Pour plate and spread plate methods​

  • Serial dilution and plate counting​

  • Streaking​

  • Forward and reverse pipetting​

  • Best pipetting practices​

  • Why it matters

    An untrained analyst can end up in contaminating the microbial culture and instruments. So it is necessary for the analyst aware of the best practices to be followed during aseptic procedures. ​

    General compliance gaps and auditor interactions​

  • Who is it for​ ​

    This module is relevant to all employees in quality control and quality assurance, that work on performing and reviewing the microbiological techniques​

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