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Empathy may not be a brand-new skill, but it is always a critical leadership skill. Empathy is about connecting with another person and understanding what they’re going through. Customers want to feel appreciated for their business and acknowledged when they have a problem. Employees want to feel valued and for their coworkers and managers to notice when they’re happy or in distress. Empathy brings in positive results through better relationships and organizational cultures.

In this course, you’ll first learn what empathy is and why it’s an essential business skill. Then, you’ll uncover how to communicate with empathy and overcome roadblocks. Finally, you’ll work on strategies to help you build empathy.


  • What Is Empathy?

  • Communicating With Empathy

  • The Importance of Empathy at Work

  • Overcoming Empathy Roadblocks

  • Strategies for Building Empathy

  • Summary & Feedback

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