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Electrical essentials

Electrical essentials

This module reviews the basic electric systems, electrical motors, AC systems and switchgears​


  • Electrostatic force and other basics of current and charge including Coulomb’s law​

  • Components of an electric circuit, including conductors, resistors, inductors etc. ​

  • Electrical energy and its sources, serial and parallel circuits, and circuit laws​

  • Direct and Alternating current​

  • AC Power, power factor calculations and types of power plants including non-conventional energy sources like windmills and solar power​

  • Electrical machines including alternators, power generators and electric motors including AC motors and induction motors​

  • Who is it for​

    This module is relevant to all the employees in the engineering department especially, working on electrical systems ​

  • Why it matters

    To understand the basic concepts of electrical engineering including current, charge, voltage etc. and about a typical electrical circuit and its component​

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