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Conflict of Interest Management

Conflict of Interest Management

This eLearning module is to understand how to identify potential conflicts and how to handle them when they arise​


  • "Doing the right thing“​

  • Defining a conflict of interest​

  • Spotting a conflict of interest​

  • Explore a real case​

  • The lunch​

  • The reluctance​

  • The suspicions​

  • The fallout​

  • Practice exercises​

  • Who is it for​

    This module is designed for all employees and with proper training, employees can effectively learn how to identify situations that may lead to a potential conflict of interest, differentiate personal versus business interests, and uphold the organization’s integrity in compromising situations.​

  • Why it matters

    A conflict of interest occurs when an employee has competing interests or divided loyalties that make it difficult to distinguish between actions that are in their best interests and actions that are in the best interests of the company​

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