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Capillary Electrophoresis​

Capillary Electrophoresis​

Electrophoresis is used to separate different charged particles, with the use of an electric field.  This eLearning module discusses the technique involved in the usage of capillary electrophoresis to analyze and separate biomolecules based on their electrical charges and its applications​

  • Introduction to capillary electrophoresis and its applications​

  • General instructions to handle the equipment​

  • Hardware and software operations, including capillary installment​

  • Cleaning and maintenance​

  • handling of users, audit trail​

  • data back up and emergency shut down​

  • Calibration and maintenance process including preventive maintenance and periodic verification​

  • Why it matters

    In the last few years, electrophoresis in capillaries has gained a lot of attention. So it is important to understand the process of handling the software and hardware components of PA800 plus, an equipment typically used to perform CE. Reviews the best practices for the upkeep of the equipment.​

  • Who is it for​ ​

    Who is it for​

    This course is designed for all personnel involved in pharmaceutical manufacturing, quality, and engineering.

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