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Business presentations

Business presentations

There’s nothing worse than blank faces or people checking their phones when giving a business presentation. You want to engage your audience and unite, persuade, or drive them to action—but how?


In this course, you’ll learn how to create and deliver winning business presentations. First, you’ll learn how to define presentation objectives, organize content, and bring it to life with visual aids. Then, you’ll discover the best ways to rehearse, identify areas for improvement, and cope with nerves. Finally, you’ll learn how to deal with difficult questions from your audience


  • Defining Your Presentation Objective

  • How to Structure Your Presentation

  • Working With Visual Aids

  • Visual Aid Design

  • Presenting Data

  • Practicing Your Presentation

  • Improving Your Presentation

  • Coping With Presentation Nerves

  • Dealing With Questions

  • Summary & Feedback

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