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Arc Flash Safety and Energized Equipment

Arc Flash Safety and Energized Equipment

This  eLearning module is designed to ensure that before you initiate working on energized equipment, you have a good understanding of Arc Flash and its hazards ​


  • Definition and information on Arc Flash and Arc Blast​

  • Facts of Arc Flash​

  • Typical sequence of events leading to Arc Flash​

  • Causes of Arc flash including human error ​

  • Hazards and their reduction​

  • Use of proper risk assessment measures​

  • Role of PPE in prevention​

  • Types of PPE required based on hazard category​

  • Graded assessment​

  • Why it matters

    Ever since humans have been harnessing electricity, the electric arc has been around.  ​

    By the 20th century, electrical equipment were commonplace in work and everywhere else.​

    This led to far too many disasters, with arc flash and arc blast being one of the most dangerous ones. Resulting in severe burns, to loss of body parts, and in some cases death. Consequently, it has become the need of the hour, to diligently follow safe electrical practices and to​

    Understand the causes of arc flash and​

    the steps to be taken for mitigating risks and following proper procedures to ensure safety .​

  • Who is it for​ ​

    Who is it for​

    This course is designed for new members of engineering and production and quality who are involved in handling of energized equipment​

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