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Analyst qualification for Quality Control Laboratories

Analyst qualification for Quality Control Laboratories

This  eLearning  module will help in making the analyst aware of the practices to be followed during analysis.​


  • Roles and responsibilities of different teams in assuring proper analyst qualification​

  • Categorization of analysts from level I to IV based on their qualification, experience, and job responsibilities​

  • Different types of training including theoretical, demonstration, along with analysis under supervision​

  • Reasons for requalification and recertification​

  • Manual certification and Process of certification in LIMS​

  • Auditor interactions​

  • Graded assessment​

  • Why it matters

    A poorly run experiment can lead to erroneous, non-reproducible results, leading to O O S, and further time loss in root cause investigation. An untrained analyst can end up damaging the instrument or its components. This will cost money to repair, and can delay batch testing and release. So it is important to understand the different steps required for qualifying analysts at different levels and review the process of certification and requalification​

  • Who is it for​ ​

    This module is designed for all analysts, (including all new and existing employees), working in the Quality Control Biologics laboratory.​

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