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MicroNuggets: efficient counterbalance to long, drawn-out, learning modules

What are learning MicroNuggets?

Learning modules frequently try to do too much. They end up being long-winded and laborious, and run the risk of muddying the gist of what is communicated. Long winded coursework is not the most exciting way to welcome new hires, or to refresh the memories of existing team members.

How do you balance the need to be exhaustive, with the need to keep the learner’s focus? Learning micronuggets may be the solution.

These are (mostly) short videos, that cover the essence of a topic quickly. To be effective, nuggets should not be any more than 2 minutes, and should be rich in visuals. Concise story-telling and editing, married with cutting edge graphics. The best part: because they are so short and accessible, a learner can catch up on a topic at a minute’s notice.

Pharma and biotech are lagging in adoption

While IT and other similar fields were quick to adopt such learning tools, bio/pharma industry is yet to leverage it as a knowledge management tool.

Here’s a micronugget we’ve developed on good documentation. Enjoy and share.

P.S: Drop an email to to get a copy that can be distributed by email or whatsapp!


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